Little Rock, Arkansas – A Historic and Exciting City

The capital city of the state, Little Rock is also the largest city in Arkansas with a population nearing 200,000. Located on the banks of the Arkansas River, Little Rock is in the center of the state and is the major center not only for government and politics but also commercial activity in Arkansas.

One of the newer and more significant tourist attractions located in Little Rock is the William J. Clinton Presidential Library. Opened in 2004, the Clinton Presidential Library is a major center for research and policy as well as the site commemorating the eight years in office of President Clinton (who also served as the Governor of Arkansas for multiple terms).

As mentioned a moment ago, Little Rock is the major commercial center in the state. A number of significant companies actually are headquartered in the Arkansas capital city, including Dillard’s Department Stores, Alltel, and Windstream Communications. In addition, other nationally recognized businesses have operations in Little Rock today.

Little Rock also is a regional hub for health care and medical research. In addition, residents of Little Rock have access to a whole host of medical and health care options, including centers for comprehensive vein care and vascular treatment. This includes advanced no-stripping treatments designed to deal with varicose veins. These no-stripping treatments for varicose veins allow patients the ability to avoid hospitalization. No-stripping treatments for varicose veins are designed to resolve this particular vascular problem in the least invasive manner possible.

One such minimally invasive, no-stripping treatment is known as the Closure® Procedure. Not yet universally available, the Closure® Procedure is being utilized in Little Rock today by experienced vein care professionals.

Beyond commerce and medical care, the city is home to other cultural and historical points of interest in addition to the Clinton Presidential Library. These include the MacArthur Museum of Arkansas Military History, the Arkansas Museum of Discovery and the Old State House Museum. These venues offer a variety of interesting and family friendly exhibits and activities the year around.

Other cultural venues and points of interest that are available to residents of and visitors to Little Rock alike include the Aerospace Education Center, the Arkansas Arboretum, the Arkansas Arts Center, the Robinson Center Music Hall and others. As with the other points of interest mentioned a moment ago, these venues attract people not only from the city itself but draw in a significant number of tourists and visitors as well throughout the course of any given year.

Recreational opportunities also abound in and around Little Rock. For example, the Pinnacle Mountain State Park offers a wide range of options for those people who enjoy spending time in the outdoors. The Arkansas River Trail offers people the chance to hike and bike along the shores of the Arkansas River.

The Riverfront Park and River Market District are also two must-see destinations in Little Rock. The park is idyllic and offers a range of activities for people of all ages. The River Market District was conceived from an old warehouse district and now offers shops, restaurants, bars and the like – making the District a jewel in the heart of Little Rock.


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