Finding A Home In Non-Profits

Want to love what you do? Make a difference? Learn about people and yourself in the process? Are you an encourager? Are you emphatic? If this sounds like you, there is a great place to find your niche and those challenging opportunities for personal and professional Non Profit Growth and development, work for a Non-Profit.

Yes, the wonderful, rewarding realm of the Non-Profits could be just the ticket. These are organizations designed to help, either people or causes, in some way, shape or form and come in a variety of opportunities. Social Service agencies, local, county, state, and federal government positions, and public education are places to consider. One good source of where to find these jobs is at, which specializes in non-profit job leads.

The benefits of working at non-government social service organizations are as numerous as the types of positions that are available. Most of these agencies consist of a small, versatile, dedicated staff that is committed to an ideal. No, you don’t have to drink the kool-aid to join; just care, show up, and be accountable. These are the types of careers that are worth more than a paycheck. They are a way to make a positive difference by giving people a hand up. Being lean, these agencies value flexibility, the ability to multi-task, and the willingness and ability to learn on the fly. They look for problem solvers who can think outside of the box and are up to trying new ideas to resolve problems.

The government is one of the largest non-profit employers. True, most of us do not think of the government as a non-profit, but it is what it is. The role of government, on every level, is to provide services to its citizens. These services run the gamut from accounting to Zoology, from Law Enforcement to Forestry, from, well, you get the idea. And in terms of a benefits package, the government, especially state and federal employees, is not to be sneezed at. This is a field that relies on people who want to serve and is always on the lookout for talented individuals. Yes, you do have to jump through more hoops, and the pay in the private sector is higher, but there is a dignity, a feeling of pride, in working for the government.

Public Education is a great place to explore when looking for the right work “home”. Classroom teachers rely on creativity and effective communication skills to impart knowledge to their students. With summers off as the primary perk, life in the classroom means being organized, observant, understanding, and being prepared are essential for learning to occur. And if you have the ability to remain calm under stress, and think not only on your feet but outside of the box as well, will mean you are one of those teachers who your students will remember.

And teaching is only one career opportunity in this field. There are numerous positions in administration, food service, maintenance, medicine, support staff, and transportation, which insure our children are taken care of properly and are ready to compete.

The real impact of Non-Profits is in community based organizations. Most of these organizations were founded by people who saw a need and filled it. These could be support groups, which provide someone to listen, to empathize, and to inform. They are environmental groups who fight for the “greater good” by making people aware of what is going on and who are not afraid of getting their hands dirty to help clean up the mess. They are foundations who provide medical care. Or they are youth driven, looking to help young adults earn a diploma and learn construction skills, from basic carpentry to green technology. Construction, the sciences, grant-writing, management, operations, human resources are just some of the careers available.

So do you want a career that means something? Want to look forward to going to work and make a difference.? Look at a career in non-profits, because it’s not always about the money.

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