A Blur of Neon Lights and Bustling Streets

Times Square is perhaps the most recognizable landmark in New York; over the years it has become a symbol of America for foreign tourists and has been telecast all over the world on New Year’s Day. Despite its glitzy and glamorous presence in the heart of the Big Apple the history of the area shows a gradual rise to fame. During the American Revolution the land belonged to John Marion Scot, a general of the New York militia and at the time Scott’s manor was surrounded by farmland. Today the manor would have been situated at 43rd street. In the 19th century the land was sold to hotels and other real estate developers and in the 1900’s the New York Times was moved to a newly built sky scraper on 42nd street, the area was subsequently renamed as “Times Square.” The growth of Times Square as the entertainment and commercial heart of New York ran parallel to the rapid economic growth of the city itself.

Times Square today is a far cry from those fledgling days of the 1900’s. It has now become synonymous with Broadway hits and flashing neon light signs and symbolizes the urbanization of Manhattan. A word of advice to tourists visiting Times Square would be to head to the Times Square Information Centre which is located on 7th Avenue between 46th and 47 streets; particulars regarding attraction in the area can be learnt from here.

Times Square has attractions like the ABC Network’s Times Square Studios where Good America is telecast live each morning, highly sophisticated Toys R Us, Virgin Records and Hershey’s stores can also be seen here. Apart from a great shopping experience Times Square is also famous for having a large number of restaurants and eateries, from luxury dining in five star restaurants to a snack from a roadside food stall, the cuisine is greatly varied and food from all over the world can be sampled here.

However, the famous attribute of Times Square is the New Year’s Eve Ball drop that is telecast all over the world. Usually tens of thousands of revelers join in on the celebrations here making it one of the largest parties in the world! Being a tourist hotspot; Times Square is the site of many a New York hotel, most which are up market luxury oriented establishments.

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