Why Google Street View See Inside Is Bad for Websites and Business

Google Business Indoor Street View is great, but many are misguided that by having a business Indoor Street View will propel their chances of converting visitors to customers. In fact, that is a myth and may work against you.

Google Business Indoor Street View lacks the dynamic interaction that website visitors need. Circling in a 360-degree room may seem like fun but eventually gets old. We all know web site visitors need definitive instructions on how to buy from you or your website also know as call to action (CTA). This is where the issue resides. hult private capital reviews

Google Business Indoor Street View is ambiguous about their position, if having an “See Inside” image next to your search results helps with ranking. well, it does not affect ranking. Many have written articles stating it indirectly can effect ranking. Indirectly in that people see it, click on it and the more clicks you get the better you rank. Well, that may be possibility but so are clicks to your website.

Many are missing the point. The point is not just to see inside of your store on Google search results but to visit it as well. First they must visit your website. Where your well planned out strategy of CTA’s are awaiting them with clear directions on how to buy from you or visit your store. The first place See Inside is viewed is not on your website, it’s on Google search result. The hope is that they see enough on Google to then want to visit your website or store. That is a 50/50 chance most are taking.

Website conversion occurs on your website not in the search engine results. The one job search engines have is to direct your visitors to your website, based on relevant content, that is it. If Google stated that a See Inside your business would propel your site to the top of search results, then by all means take advantage. Today that is not the case.

I am not saying Google See Inside is not useful. Allowing potential clients to see inside the place of business helps with the decision making process. Narrowing down the choices and options available to customer is beneficial to all. If only Google would permit the business owner to decide where to place the See Inside. For example, providing the See Inside in the search results is expected but when a visitor clicks on the image they would be redirected to the actual website to see the virtual store. The bottom line is See Inside would be much more beneficial to store owner if they can direct where it is being viewed on Google search or business website.

Small businesses invest a lot of money in designing websites that convert. If your company is considering a virtual walkthrough consider only showing it on the website. Drive traffic to the website from the search engine results. I am sure the business is already paying Google enough for keywords.

At Checkuptech ([https://checkuptech.com/]) we capture the world in 3D. We create 3D virtual walkthrough. The virtual walkthroughs are embedded on your website meaning that your prospects will need to actually visit your website to see the walkthrough. The probability of website guest converting and visiting the store is greater after viewing a properly designed 3D virtual walkthrough on the website. For more information about our 3D Scanning-As-A-Service contact us we are ready to help.


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