Is Romance Alive in Your Marriage? Time to Find Out

Take a couple of moments to think about why you married your partner. Was it because they made your heart skip a beat? Was it because you felt butterflies in your stomach when you saw them? Was it because they made you feel like you were the only one that mattered to them?

Probably all the above and more. Now that time has passed, your heart may no longer skip a beat when they are around you and your stomach stays perfectly still. Although you still feel you are the center of their world,you long for the days when dating them was a thrill.

When we marry, we fall into a comfort zone. Our partner gets to know all our bad habits and more. It is important not to live in this comfort zone though. Couples who live in a comfort zone, take each other for granted. They are more likely to stop communicating and being romantic with each other. Before long the marriage becomes stale and even worse, one of you becomes dissatisfied and cheats.

To keep this from happening to you, always be romantic. There is no need to stop being romantic just because you are now married.

Ask yourself the following questions to find out if there is romance in your marriage.

– Do you hold hands when in public or sitting watching television?
– Do you give each other a welcome home or good morning kiss?
– If one of you is leaving the house, does the other wave good-bye from the door?
– Do you have at least one night a week when you go out together?
– When did you last do something for your partner without them expecting it?
– As a couple, do you focus on what you have and not what you have not got?
– Do you spend at least ten minutes everyday talking about each others day?
– When was the last time you said to your partner “I love you? And How are you?”

All the above things are what a couple should do to keep romance alive in their marriage. If you are not doing any of the above things, start today…

– Grab your partner’s hand when you are watching the news together.
– When you wake up in the morning, give them a little kiss on the check.
– Wave good-bye when they leave the house.
– Book tickets to a play or catch a movie together.
– Make them breakfast in bed.
– Appreciate all the things you have achieved together.
– Send them a naughty text message when you are apart from each other.
– Last but not least. Tell them how much you love them. Ask them how they feel.

The list is endless of ways to spark romance back into your marriage. best sex positions It is important to start today. Don’t put it off.You may never do it! Make it a life change.You will definitely see a happier marriage. Friends and family will notice the difference as well.

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